Immersive Surround Sound Systems

Take your home entertainment system to a whole new level.

Sound just got real

A robust sound system can be installed in any type of space or building to enhance your entertainment experience. Our surround sound systems can be combined with smart home automations, taking your entertainment experience to the next level!

How it works

1. Schedule your free quote

Call us at 559-660-2080 or schedule a free quote online. During the call we’ll discuss your goals for the new sound system and then set up a time to meet for a free consultation (any day except Sunday).

2. Get personalized options and advice

Our team will arrive on site for a free home audio consultation. Every house has a unique setup, so we’ll make sure your configuration and sound system provides the most immersive experience. We have complete and standalone options available.

3. Install your new sound system

We’ll install and configure your surround system as quickly and efficiently as possible. Every speaker and piece of equipment will be configured for the optimal experience.

4. Enjoy entertainment like never before

Congrats, your entertainment has been drastically upgraded. Enjoy games, movies, and hearing like never before.

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