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Improve your home’s security and efficiency with our smart home integrations.

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Lights on, anytime, anywhere.

Turn your lights on. Lock doors. Change the temperature. Full control over your home security from your fingertips. Proudly partnered with the leading smart home technology providers to provide you with the best options.


  • Smart Doorbell Installation $99
  • Smart Thermostat Installation $99
  • Smart Door Lock Installation $99
  • Voice Assistant Setup $99

How it works

1. Schedule your free quote

Call us at 559-660-2080 or schedule a free quote online. During the call we’ll discuss your goals for your smart home integration and then set up a time to meet for a free consultation (any day except Sunday).

2. Get personalized options and advice

Our experts will arrive on site for a free smart home integration consultation. The tech will assess your current devices and make suggestions for new hardware based on your goals/needs.

3. Install your new system

Once your hardware has arrived, we’ll setup your new smart home system by connecting every device so your home is smarter and more efficient.

4. Enjoy a smarter home

Enjoy a more energy efficient, secure, and smarter home.

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