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Reduce theft and crime while increasing your facility’s security with our effective access control systems. Our systems are more than just a “lock-and-key” solution, we provide full control over all entry points throughout your business. From stand-alone to hosted and managed systems, our access control systems are tailored to meet your security concerns.

How it works

1. Schedule your free quote

Call us at 559-660-2080 or schedule a free quote online. During the call we’ll discuss your goals for the new access control system and then set up a time to meet for a free consultation (any day except Sunday).

2. Get personalized options and advice

Our experts will arrive on site for a free access control consultation. We’ll perform a full assessment of the property, including a full review of the building’s entry and exit points, credentialed access areas, separate building spaces for tenants, and more.

3. Install your new system

We’ll install your access control system around your schedule. Installation times will vary based on the size of your commercial property along with any credentialed passes (key fobs, access cards, etc.) that need to be created.

4. Enjoy peace of mind

You can rest easier knowing that non-credentialed individuals cannot access your employees or your company’s property. And secure areas within your company have an added layer of protection against data and property theft.

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